Current Role
Senior UI/UX Designer |

Hi, my name is Aleena and I’m a UI designer in Maryland.

GEICO | 2019
Mobile App Redesign
That time I had 4 months to deliver an entire app visual overhaul, navigation included, for an app that was very well-loved.
GEICO | 2020
Dashboard Design
That time I took everything functional off the homepage and made it into a to-do list instead.
Content Library Website
That time I designed an evergreen content hub that’s less chronological and more topic focused.
Dribbble Fun
Listen, everything else is under NDA which is so not cool, I know. Here’s some fun stuff I designed which will give you an idea of my UI skills.

My experience

Most recently, I've been deep in the financial services world, working as lead UI designer for the GEICO Mobile App. I've led a redesign, started a design system, burned it down, and built it back up. I live for minor UI updates with big impact & major redesigns that inevitably result in 1 star App Store reviews.

Senior UX Designer
November 2021—Present
Senior UX Designer
October 2018—October 2021
Visual Designer
Feb 2017—Feb 2018

Want to get in touch?

I feel strongly about the blend between form and function, business goals and user goals, groundbreaking design and the game of design inches. I'm looking to do great work for a company in the D.C. area (or remote!) that's solving real problems for real people.

I’m most passionate about working with an in-house design team that owns all parts of the digital experience, B2B or B2C.

I can be reached at or 770-815-0692.